Backyard Design Tips – The Best 30

a place to picnic in style

If you have a property with a backyard, chances are you want to have space which exudes relaxation and all the peace in the world. This can be quite subjective considering that different people would want their backyard for different purposes but generally, it is a place where you can take your mind off the hustle and bustle of the day and just sink in. Here are some great design ideas.

Backyard Design

A place to picnic in style

This would be perfect if you are those who like the outdoors but is limited in space. By being able to keep the table as and when you need to, you can have a picnic at any given Sunday (or any other days) as and when you wish. When you need the space, simply fold the table and you can have a ball there.

Use the Water Element

It is not often that you can put any form of water element into a garden or backyard. In fact, it can be quite tricky so you can actually install a water fountain or a feature to draw the necessary attention. This helps you to avoid the people noticing the small space that you have.

Garden at the corner

An idea like this is great if you do not have a large compound in your backyard. By sidelining a section of the backyard for a small garden, you can grow trees against the fence. This actually clears up a lot more space than you can imagine. In fact, it makes it looks quite luxurious too.

Tree garden for more greens

The most common way to have a nice backyard really is to have a tree garden. Nothing beats being able to enjoy your own open space among trees and probably your own little forest. This must be done nicely though without overdoing it too much. Think about using green bamboo or maple trees. Furthermore, you get to enjoy some really fresh air too.

Go white and you will never go wrong

This is one idea that never grows old (at all). In fact, it is one of the best ideas to have around any space of your home. Light colors will free up a lot of space. Get a corner and give it some shades of white including the wall, furniture and decorative items. It is cooling and very somber with a classic touch to it.

Have your own mosaic route

A mosaic-inspired route is one idea that will resonate well with those looking for a classic outlook in the backyard. This must be sidelined with some beautiful grass and garden and you have a pathway that looks modern, rustic and classic all rolled into one. Furthermore, you can enjoy some creativity by mixing the colors and shapes too.

A grass patch for lying down

A great idea to have if you like to just laze on the lawn at any time of day. All you need to do is dedicate a small space (not too large) to have a patch on grass. Choose the right type of grass to use on this one and you will have a nice, clean patch to read a book or just stare into the stars at night.

Have your own swimming lane

Who said that you need a large backyard to have a swimming pool? The fact is that you do not even need to stay in a bungalow to have one. All you need is to create a single-lane pool and you can enjoy a dip or a swim to and from both ends. Simple, functional and totally easy to have. A smaller pool also means that you consume less water and its cheaper on maintenance too.

Use boxes for a hanging garden

Not entirely a hanging garden per se but good enough if you know how to do this properly. It saves space and looks good too. In small backyards, you can use vertical box gardens which can do wonders, especially in modern homes. The good thing about this idea is that you manage your garden and backyard better while having a whole new modern look to it.

Simplistic is always the safe way

You might have a small space but that does not mean you cannot have a modern outlook. The truth is, you can go simplistic and modern and create an illusion of space very easily. This type of outlook is always nice especially when you are looking for a neat and organized space.

A corner for hanging out

If you dedicate a corner of your backyard for everyone to hang out, then make sure you do this to your best effort. This space encourages people to have a place to sit around and enjoy everyone’s company. Being located in an open space means that you can now add in a place to put the drinks or even a barbeque pit if you like.

Use the right plants

You do not need to be a professional landscape artist to do this but you need to ensure that you are using the right colors when you choose your trees. It can be any height or color but you must ensure that they complement each other before you buy them. The best way is to but grown (or almost grown) trees so that you can visualize them before planting them.

Symmetrical gardens are easy and nice

If you do not want to be overly sophisticated, then a symmetrical garden would be ideal. This is one idea that will not grow out of time because that is what a typical backyard would look like. Think tea sets, lazy chairs and a tea party!

Go modern with furniture

You will find a lot of design ideas when you visit stores like Ikea, so let your creative juice flow by getting a strange (or unconventional) looking for furniture to be placed within your backyard. This is one idea that needs some harnessing or imagining but if you can pull this off nicely, it would pull out a lot of character in your backyard. In fact, it could bring out your character (and artsy self) too.

Classic bricks will do

Another good idea that you can have without needing to think or worry too much is to use classic bricks. This is one color scheme that works in most outdoor designs when the red bricks can be used not only for the building of walls but also for the ground too. Epic!

Stack them up in steps

A design idea that will help you to maximize your small backyard space is to stack up against the gardens. Often known as a terraced garden, this is a common and very popular idea among Japanese homes. If you are going for a more rustic look, then you might want to use wooden-colors and timber motifs.

Spend for a luxury-looking roof

You might one to look a bit more artsy with this idea where you can put up a nice-looking pergola. In fact, you can create a space which looks like it is out of a dream fantasy. Add in colors and flowers like jasmine and roses and you are then ready to go.

Rustic wooden pavements

You must always give the ground a lot of thinking. This idea creates the illusion that your backyard is a lot bigger than it seems. Using large and square pavers and gravel will impose a high impression of neatness. You have to ensure that they are properly laid and aligned to exude that classy look.

Unique shapes in the pavement

There are many ways to design the pavement or walkway in the backyard but you can use this diamond-shaped idea which is quite nice if you use the Japanese grass type. But don’t let this idea limit your imagination as you can go for other shapes like rectangles, triangles or even hexagons.

Class it out with ambiance

The right type of lighting will promote that class that you want to promote in your narrow backyard. This idea is one that can be designed with the right type of plants, furniture and most notably lights. Watch the backyard come out to life especially when the day gets dark and the lights come on!

Green will be your natural

If you are one who likes the greens, then this design is perfectly suited for you. Think of it as having your own forest where you can be enveloped into some very nice looking green plants and trees. Maintenance might be challenging but once you get the hang of it, they will blossom all naturally.

Yin and Yang Mix

It is always nice to have a right balance between yin and yang, water and fire. The water need not necessarily be a swimming pool but a small fountain will do the job. Look for a spot to have a fireplace (ideal if you have cool weather) and you have the best of both worlds here.

Use the wall for plants

Not an easy feat but once you have this running, you will have a wall that literally comes to life. You save ground space without needing to grow any plants there because now you have plants growing on the wall. They make for nice-looking decoration too.

Go for squares and rectangles

This is one that can commit to if you are ready to go along with a single shape. If you have a small backyard, you can now use squares and rectangles as your main primary design. This includes the plant gardens, the pavements and you can even use the furniture too.

Raise the platform

Dedicate a space in your backyard where you create a platform for the focus. This is the space where you can have the dining table set where you can place armchairs, lazy chairs, a barbecue space or even a coffee table.

Oriental garden and Zen

Coming home to the sounds of water splashing in your zen garden will work wonders to your livelihood. In fact, this idea is quite refreshing, modern and even relaxing. Mix stones, water and wood with some living organisms and you have a great oriental feel.

Recycle, reuse and reduce

You can always count on using recycle items for decoration. You do not always need to have expensive items in your backyard as old items will work wonders if you know how to use them appropriately.

Opposites will attract too

Although wood and grass are natural elements, having them together might not work in certain cases. If you know how to combine them, you get great design outcomes. This one gives you the chance to be creative where you can adopt different shapes (or non-symmetrical ones) with large spaces for either one of the 2 elements.

Organize the space well

The backyard can be managed like a house too. Have a compartment for sitting, a place to sit around or just a large lawn to play ball and read a book when you feel like it. The focus will surely be on the central point of your backyard but the other spaces must be emphasized too.

Include a swing too

It does not mean that you have a backyard which is small which will limit your imagination. If you are the romantic type, add a swing into your backyard. It might be the main focus there but it will surely pull out the attraction from anyone around here.