30 Effective Color Schemes for your Living Room

summer living hall

The living room is a place that you hang out a lot after a long day. There is a lot of thought process involved when you design the living room in terms of furniture or items for decoration. Whether it is a throw or a cushion, a couch or a sofa set, they all contribute to the overall wellbeing of yourself. Getting the right color tone in your living room is imperative because it sets the mood in everything you do. Here are 30 color schemes that you could adopt in your living room.

summer living hall

Remember the summer

You can be very creative with this color tone. Before you start, think about what colors remind you of summer and you know just about the right tone to go with it. In fact, yellow and orange splashed against lighter shades like white or pastel blue would do the trick.

Tanning the living room

If you go along this color scheme, ensure that you go all the way. When you use earthy tones and pallets, it creates a homely ambiance. This is perfect if you like your living room to look good while having a welcoming character to it.

Unusual contrast with charcoal

First, you need to get the charcoal and earthy colors right. Then splash a bit of ocean-inspired colors around and you will surely enjoy the refreshing ambiance to give you the relaxation that you need in your living room.

Spring a surprise or two

Not an easy feat to achieve when you want to invoke a bit of drama. The colors of spring (orange or yellow) would work wonders for you when you have a melodramatic color scheme of gray and white around. Use these colors with the cushion or throws.

Hello and Bling Bling

If you can use sparkles and bling well, then you can create a highly luxurious room to stay in. Gold is one color which you can consider but it might not work for everyone. The gold must either be strong or subtle enough to exude luxury.

Unusual pastel colors perhaps

When it comes to pastel colors, most people will think of green, yellow or blue. Pastel pink might be useful too if you know how to use this tone. A dull pink would go very well with white and perhaps it would give you that dollhouse ambiance perfect for small families.

Strong and drama colors

A design like this suggests that you are one who does not like too much cluster. In fact, you keep to the minimalist motif with very neutral and bland colors like gray and black. The latter is one that never grows old in any color scheme after all.

Magenta is not too strong

The use of magenta might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it surely can work wonders if you can pull this off. Ensure that the items and furniture complement this color and your living room becomes a lot brighter than it seems. Take note that magenta, however, might not be a common color tone you can buy off the hardware store.

Wooden motifs a standard classic

A living room with wood elements and motifs will showcase the outdoor character of yourself. Use lines that are white and clear with wooden items for decoration. This will then push the outdoor personality of who and what you are for sure if that is your personality.

Pastel Colors the way to go

Another safe color scheme that you can go along with would be to use pastel shades. This is one tone that promotes minimalism and simplicity. Besides creating more ‘space’ within your living room, it is also cozier than strong colors while luxury is never absent with a design like this.

Elegantly white in the tropics

This design is quite interesting as it uses large leaves to give the impression of being in the tropics. However, it splashed a lot of white around to remind you that you are supposed to be relaxed and at peace. A smart and genius touch.

Navy and White a safe way

This is by far one of the most popular color schemes that will never go wrong. Whether it is for clothing or for bathrooms, white and navy rarely grow old. What could be better than to have a strong tone of blue contrasted with white (which will make the room look a lot more spacious) which resonates with almost anyone?

Black, white and grey

White is the color that will make the room look larger. Black and grey gives you the reason to contrast the colors. Such a scheme is one that will always be right as long as you know where to place them. Juxtapose the blacks and whites accordingly with some pinches of yellow or red and this idea becomes an excellent one.

Focus on the blues

Not to be taken literally, a design like this brings out the best of the blue tones. Ensure that you push in a minimalist design in your living room not to put too many color tones. The walls should remain as bright as possible and tone it down with grey furniture.

Yellow a happy color

Strong colors like yellow might not work with everyone but when they do, they are splendid! After all, the right yellow tone will create elegance and luxury. What you get when you put yellow tones in your living room is a sharp and contrasted ambiance which tells of joy and happiness.

Bland and earthy scheme

For people who claim to be ‘down to earth’, this color scheme is surely for you. Stay with the basic colors of the earth elements and you will get a bland outcome. Take note that bland here does not mean it is not good. In fact, the room looks quite cozy and very homely.

Let’s go to the sea

The living room is one which you can take your mind off the stress and routines. For most people, it would be the seas and oceans that would remind them of that. This is one color scheme that will be perfect if you are into the waters and oceans. Use this color scheme that can be wonderfully implemented via the walls and furniture.

Go green and love the environment

When it comes to green, it does not only mean using plants and flowers. This color scheme includes painting the wall green as well. A dark green colored wall might not be your first choice but contrast it with other brighter shades like yellow would turn out quite nicely.

Remember the beachside

Not all living room needs to look modern or cozy. Some of us love the seaside and the living room could well remind us of that place. A sea and sand color scheme would be nice as long as you know which one complements which. This type of tones would work with some lazy-looking throws and cushions.

Strong blue tones

This design idea for the living room is one which needs a bit more thinking (and digesting). If you are one who likes to have an elegant outlook, then deep, blue color tones might work wonders. Besides creating more space, it actually has a lot of sophistication in it as well.

Peppermints and other shades

As opposed to the darker contrasting colors, you might want to go for lighter shades. In fact, this type of tone will make the room look very simple. Apart from that, it gives you an impression of a minty cool outlook while it seem to promote a very airy space as well. This is the type of scheme that tells you that plain is good.

A great combination with aubergine

A color scheme with these shades is great to promote royal and rich spaces. In fact, it makes the living room look quite elegant as it is one out of the palace. The balance between the colors and the furniture must be given a lot of emphases here though.

Typical American color scheme

A living room idea that you can use would be one that looks like it came out of an American home. The combination of turquoise and tangerine and other ones create the impression of coziness and garden-like. It is a lovely place to be when you can just stare into the empty space, appreciating the colors.

Brown and scaled to perfection

This is one of those ideas that let you get back to basics with the earthy colors. What you get out of this brown-inspired scheme is not just simple and basic but you get to showcase something rustic too. Think waterfalls, wood forests and highlands.

Brighten up the room

If you are one who does not like gloomy rooms, then this color scheme could suit well into your plans. You need to maintain it as such though as a clean and white room will make it look so much brighter. This can be further complemented by allowing natural light in. Then, top it off with small splashes of gold and pinks.

Warm colors for the family

You might want to go for something less unconventional and decide to use warm colors. This scheme is one that will always work because neutral colors are safe. However, being safe does not mean you cannot be creative. Pick some furniture that works and complement the colors and it would be a great place to relax and unwind.

Go moderately orange

Unlike dark green or grey, orange is one color scheme that might not work if you overdo it. But if you can pull this off, you will enjoy the bright and warm outcome for sure. Remember that you do not want to overdo this.

Feminine blue is easy

A timeless classic when you use light blue shades. Top it up with some flower motifs set against a lot of white and this color tone can go on for generations.

Not for the simple designer

A design idea like this is not easy to pull off. This is because it uses jewel-inspired tones. When you use gemstones like amethyst and quartz, it is unusual but unique at the same time. Just ensure that you use it in moderation and not to overuse the colors too much.

Epic Black and White

A color tone that will never grow old, period! When you contrast black with white (or vice versa), it will always work. This is no rocket science but be careful not to be perceived as being lazy. The furniture must go along with the walls while the decorative items must complement the furniture for this and you have an elegant looking classroom.