30 Dining Room Designs for Modern Homes

Glass tables dining

The thinking process must be in place when designing the dining room. This is, after all, the place where you entertain your guests (besides the living room) and to have a happy meal together. The modern home must place a lot of emphasis on the dining room if it needs to have this convergence. Here are some of the best design ideas you can find.

Dining Room

Glass tables are sheer class

Using a long, glass table will only mean you are all about class. It is a simple and yet well-thought-out idea. Besides showing a larger space through its transparency, it promotes sophistication and modernity too.

Cozy Dining Table Section

Some homes tend to put all the focus on the dining table and a large hanging chandelier above it. Those designs are meant to emphasize where you dine. This type of design, however, allows you to save some space by pushing the dining table onto a corner where it is cozier and homely. When you do not have a dining table set like an island, you get more room to move about.

A lakehouse inspired design

A lot of homes today like to emulate the lakehouse impression. Be careful not to overkill it as it might move too far from being a modern home. However, if you get this right, it will work nicely toy our favor. In fact, you get to have a dining room which is warm and brightly colored. A lot of natural lighting will add on to its character.

Dramatize the Wall

This idea uses a map-inspired design. Do not be limited by what you see here and let your imagination run wild a little. It could be a cityscape or a skyline of the town or its silhouette. The idea is to have something that makes the wall stand out. When you dramatize the wall, it will have its impact which can be quite incredible.

Industrial ceilings might work

This design idea might be a bit too strong for some. What you want to do here is to create an embossed metal ceiling with some crisp lines that exude the luxury of a modern house. While you might have all the items well planned out for the dining room, giving the ceiling an industrial touch to it will make it shine (literally).

Grayscale the wood

When you use wood motifs and impressions, chances are you might overdo it. A lot of designers tend to make this mistake. To create a better balance, you could consider using grayscale tones. This could be applied to some parts of the dining room like how it is done in this idea.


Get creative with white

For those dining rooms which are designed with a lot of white, you can get a lot more out of the character by splashing some creativity and artistry around. A large frame image like this and the subtle chair-legs gives the room a lot more expression.

Go with the old movies

An idea like this would be perfect if you have a small dining room. It might seem to have taken up more space than it should but when you use big-styled items, it can have that dramatic outcome. Top it off with some dark shades and the whole classical movie atmosphere comes up.

Minimalism never fails

The impression of using a minimalist design means you are going for something safe and most likely very stylish. This is not something easy if you want to create a beautiful space using a minimalist outcome. There is a lot of planning involved but you would be able to pull off something quite elegant with this style.

Controlling space is everything

A design like this definitely maximized form and function. When you are limited in space, something like this idea would do you a lot of good. The side bench saves you a section of the dining table while the window is great for decoration or even to put things when your table is full.

Metal chairs could work

One thing about dining table sets is that people tend to use a lot of bulky chairs. Change those and in their places, use the more modern and stylish ones like those metallic mesh ones here. This is what modern design is all about and such chairs would just be what you are looking for.

Let the natural light in

One of the best ways to illuminate the dining room would be to use natural light. You should use glass walls in place of concrete ones. This makes the room so much bigger while natural light can enter the room during the day. Furthermore, it would look a lot nicer at night too. This is nice if you have a view of the outside of your dining room.

Let loose your imagination

This is one of the design ideas which allow your imagination to run wild a little. In fact, it dispels the misconception that things must be symmetrical in your dining room. When you can let the creativity flow, you learn to mix and match things without having to follow a certain rule. This could be fun and the outcome could be a good surprise too.

Wood the classical tone

One of the most common design ideas will surely involve using wood. This classical ambiance is nice but it might not go well within modern homes. That does not mean you cannot do so. Use waxed wooden motifs and it might push the class up a notch.

Bring homely up another level

The use of navy blue around the house is perfect if you contrast it with fine white lines. This will not create something overly dramatic but would, in fact, complement the room so much more.

Let the angels in

When you design something with white and a lot of light, the outcome will be somewhat angelic. This is one classic design that will never grow old. The only issue is with maintenance and might not go well if you have kids around the house.

Loud looking ground

A lot of modern homes today no longer like to use carpets or rugs. Instead, the minimalist standard might just drive you to put in flooring which is strong and loud in color (like this one) and totally bare. There is no reason to create so much cluster on the ground anyway.

Give the pendant another thought

Pendant lights are very common in the dining room as they are usually the one captivating item that illuminates the meal. A lot of designs only place a pendant light which is standard or common. If you spend some time to think about it, the pendant light should be your character!

A bit of Scandinavian touch

A design inspired by Scandinavian homes will surely exude style and functionality for sure. What makes this design so much better is that it could well be items you buy out of Ikea which means they are affordable without needing to burn a hole in your pocket. Perfect for the modern home.

The idea for a small kitchen

It does not mean that just because you have a small house, you do not need to have a proper dining place. Find a small table, dedicate a corner for it and you can enjoy a meal with a simple idea like this. You just need to be a little bit more innovative.

Don’t forget the Blues

Whatever design idea you implement or decides to adopt, never forget the blues. This room creates such a nice environment that your mood almost immediately changes when you look at it. The furniture is all used to complement the wall and the shades that come with them. You typically will like the entire outcome of this room as it helps you to relax and would be extremely nice when you have guests you need to entertain.

Go country when you can

Using country-inspired design can often backfire where you might end up with a more rustic outcome in a modern home. You might only want to do this in situations where you can by adding in some wooden furniture or classic lighting.

Contrast the colors on splashback

When you use contrasting colors on your splahsback, it will either stand out majestically or otherwise. The attention will surely be drawn towards this part of your dining room so you must ensure that it creates the impact that you desire. Eye-catching colors is great when you have a room with limited space. The most important thing is here is to ensure that the splashback can be seen (and remembered).

Some yellow would work too

Splash some yellow-colored items across the dining room. This is one design idea which will give you something not too lazy. The outcome is good as it will not mean you have not thought the design through. In fact, it makes perfect sense that you have something more serious and yet relaxed enough to enjoy a meal.

Shades of Gold

A dining room like this typically showcases a mixture of character. You are someone who is bold to use such colors and someone who is not afraid to take risks. The shades of gold is captivating enough to keep those watching mesmerized for a while.

Don’t forget the bar

When you have a bar in your dining room, it changes the outlook altogether. In fact, create a sidebar without needing to be overly complicated. This could be a place to just place decorative items or it could be where you have a wine cooler or a coffee maker.

Not everything needs to be a set

One common misconception about dining room design is that many believe that things must come in a set (especially the dining table and chairs). Think outside the box for a while and use different colored chairs (or at least matching ones). This will protrude some form of character that might do your ambiance a lot of good.

Get into the shades of grey

When you use grey color well, then you have a powerful tone. This is something that will surely exude modern living at its best. The contrast will be timeless while the fireplace makes it look so much more luxurious. Top it off with a nice-looking chandelier and it will be perfect.

Au Naturale when you can

What you want to do with this design idea is to create a greenhouse type of environment. The greens will be natural while you should also go for some wooden motifs for an all-rounded outlook. Ensure that the plants you use are indoor-ready and you are ready to go.

City Open Floor Design

If you are living in a space with an open floor plan, this design might just be your cup of tea. With a section dedicated for a window seat, you literally save one part of the dining table. In fact, it has such a nice Swedish touch to it, you would want to stay here longer each time.