Designing your Bedroom

Designing Bedroom

The bedroom is an important part of the home. In fact, this is a space which must be carefully designed because it is where you rest and sleep. Bedrooms are very vital to ensure that you have a good night’s rest because if it is poorly designed, it might affect your emotional and psychological elements in a long run.

Therefore, when it comes to designing your bedroom, several factors must be taken into consideration because you want to get this right on the first attempt as changes in the future will incur more costs and time. So, what would you need to consider?

Placement of objects

The bedroom is supposed to be a harmonious space. All the objects in this room should promote peace and serenity. This factor deals with your bed, wardrobe, dressing table and such. Never place the bed too close to the window as it might be too cold at night or too hot during the mornings. The bed should not be obstructing anything like the door as well. You must ensure that you have ample space to get out of bed (on the sides) while the dressing table should be further away from the bed.

Feng Shui

When designing your bedroom, consider Feng Shui. Take note that Feng Shui is not superstition but a philosophical system used to harmonize the human existence with the surroundings which helps you to create a balanced and more harmonious bedroom. Engage an expert to help you determine where to put the objects and the directions that they should face.

Lighting and Temperature

The lighting of the bedroom is very important. Where this is concerned, consider where the windows are facing and if you get direct sunlight in the morning, it would not be a good idea to place your bed too close. Inside the room, the use of appropriate lighting will help you to rest better. Use warm yellow lights and avoid using incandescent light bulbs because they emit too much heat. LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights are better options as they do not use too much heat and provide better lighting.

Another factor that you must consider is in the room temperature. Air-conditioning systems are good but you should not be too dependent on these devices. If the room is not too warm, try reducing the workload of the air-conditioning units. Apart from that, an air purifier will be suitable and should be placed away to the side of the wall because it helps to clean the air that can help you to breathe better and in result, rest better.