33 Bedroom Ideas for Maximum Relaxation

bedroom idea

The bedroom exudes peace at any cost. It is by far the most relaxing place in your home at any time where you can just waltz in, lie down and get some rest. It does not need to be sophisticated or even luxurious. Just be what it is, inviting enough and that is good for any sleep. Here are some ideas that might just do that for you.

bedroom idea

Purely White

Wherever you go, using white will never go wrong. In the bedroom, this becomes more prominent than ever. It is, after all, the place where you want peace and quiet. Shades of white for the wall, the decorative items and the drapes too will do your bedroom a lot of good.

Curtains for Beds

This design might not work for everyone especially for those who do not like to have things hanging everywhere. In fact, it works better if you are going for something more classical or even Victorian. What is behind the curtains is totally your own space where privacy is prioritized and you do not have to worry about what happens outside at all.

Open the Windows

Have your bedroom close to the windows and let the light shine in. It is akin to being at the window seat where you do not need much artificial lighting at all. During the day, the natural light will do your reading a lot of good while night lights might just create the ambiance needed for some rest and relax.

Go Industrial

Might not be everyone’s cup of tea but to go industrial is to be brave with some of the items you use for decoration. In fact, some elements here might not belong in the bedroom but when used accurately could change the outcome tremendously. The modern outlook and the contemporary motif just adds to your character.

Starry Starry Night

To sleep under starry skies would be a dream but to create that in your bedroom would make your sleep a lot more experiential. Creating this ambiance is not easy because you can either use powered lights or just luminous stick-ons. The former would mean you have to ensure all the lights are working and if one blows, it would be difficult to change. The latter would be a better option but it might turn your bedroom into a kid’s room.

Permanent Bed

If you have limited space in your bedroom, dedicate a corner to put a permanent bed space. This is where you can mount the headboard onto the wall and create your own personal space. A piece of wood like this would do the job and you can even pin things on it.

Slant the Ceiling

If you have an attic and created your bedroom there, it would be perfect to have slanted ceilings. This type of design is tricky for design but if you get it right, it emulates the coziness of a cave-like ambiance. Use moderate colors and some appropriate furniture and you have a bedroom that works wonders for your rest.

Hello New York

Nothing beats having a modern loft bedroom that looks like one of those high-ceiling New York apartments. This would probably be the trendiest design you can have in the modern world. Think Wolf of Wall Street and you will get the drift of what this is all about. Such a design will resonate with anyone and just about everyone.

Simple and Minimal

When you go minimalist in the bedroom, you will never go wrong. This design use uniformity and symmetrical decoration. Even the plants are mounted in pairs. Use moderate colors that are monochromatic or pastel to encourage better sleep.

Classic Victoria Bedroom

This design works for those who have sophisticated lifestyles. It is interesting to note that using Victorian motif might not be right for everyone but if that is your character, then it will be perfect. This design is classical and does not need many changes after that.

Raw and Bare

Perfect bedroom design for studio apartments that you can have everything in plain sight. There is no need for any custom-made furniture here. Just put whatever suits and you can have that whole European feel to it. In fact, it is raw and bare enough that you can just be yourself anytime.

Makeover for the Attic

If you are staying in the attic, you may as well make the best of it. The attic need not be a dusty and unwanted space. Give it a luxurious and modern feel like how it is done in this design idea. Looking good for the modern home, use bright colors to brighten up the gloomy persona of any attic.

Defy Gravity

Use strong (very strong) ropes and elevate your beds. Once they are suspended, you get a whole new feel to the aesthetics which will surely affect your sleep too. Not everyone’s choice as it means the bed might move a bit when you move too. But this can be solved by mounting the bottom part onto the ground.

Don’t forget the Ceilings

This type of ambiance is great if your bedroom has high ceilings. Using the right interior elements, you emulate royal rooms that have poles that reach to the highest point of the room. Use classical items for decoration and you are good to go. And don’t forget the nets and drapes too.

Divide Nicely

When your bedroom has dividers, use them wisely. The walls can be used to place the bed’s headboard and the other segments could be divided accordingly. This design gives you the place to organize your bedroom better and to have a more effective space to move about.

Stone Wall

For those who like an old and prehistoric look, a stone wall would be nice. It gives you that coziness of how homes used to be like before technology. Furthermore, it serves as good acoustics for the room where you can play loud music without disturbing the other rooms in the house.

Wood Panel

Using wood for design will never grow old. Use a part of your bedroom as a feature wall for a large piece of a striped wooden panel. That would open up space a lot, creating a spacious and more luxurious (and surely more modern) ambiance to your bedroom.

Sleep above the ground

Not many people can associate with this but it would definitely elevate (pun intended) your sleeping experience. You literally hover your bed frame off the ground using a timber-made plank. All you need to ensure is its stability and complement this with some classic items and you have a rustic looking bedroom.

Chauvinistic Colors

Its either you go feminine or masculine with this but the bolder will surely go with the latter. A masculine interior looks bolder and edgier. The darker shades give the room a lot more character but are careful not to overdo this as it might be too much if you are looking for a good night’s rest.

Back to Basics

When you use basic and grounded colors, it means you are a down-to-earth person. That would surely be the persona you seek to portray with no frills or sophistication of any kind. Elements that you can include in this design idea is to go for rust, wood and copper.

Factory Inspired

A great design idea if you have a large warehouse (or factory) type of space. Complement this with the right set of decorative items that can be industrial or just machine-styled. You can do quite a lot with this personality as mixing metal and steel can have a lot of possibilities.

Customize your walls

This design is quite unique and will only work for certain people. In fact, you should only go with this if it resonates with you and if that is what you like to have in your room. Don’t let this design limit you though. Instead of doors, you can use windows or even curtains too.

Go Oriental

Decals and wallpapers can be wonderful if you use them well. This idea lets you venture into the oriental environment with Asian flowers and motifs. Complement that with the right color scheme (depending on the colors of the images) and you can have the Zen-peace whenever you rest.

A Somber Room

There is a fine line between cozy and sad. A somber room gives you the impression that you can cocoon into your bedroom whenever you want to. It is great for those who like to just sleep when you have a long or bad day. This effect can work both ways though.

Egyptian Tiles

You might not want to use a carpet for your bedroom as it requires a lot of cleaning and maintenance. Go for tiles and while you are at it, you may as well try something bold and loud. Optical prints or Egyptian tiles would be nice that creates a statement of who you are.

Lose the Door

If you are staying alone, doors within the home might not even be necessary. In fact, you can replace them with just an arch-like this design. Without the door frame, you free up so much more space and in return, you get to create your own character too.

Walk in the Woods

There is no right way to do this but it will entirely be up to your creativity. Using this design idea, however, might not be everyone’s first choice for sure. But if you are bold enough, it could be an exciting and the right touch though. Be sure to use suitable and complementary decorative items in the room.

Remember Greece

Antique looking pillars (like those in Greece) would be a nice touch. This, however, can backfire if you do not use suitable items and they might just stand out like sore thumbs. This creates a historical outlook for our room.

Glass House

It will be nice if your bedroom has a great view of the outdoors. Perfect if you are by the lake. This means that you can design a glass house which gives you instant views of the outside. Works wonders for your sleep but would be nice if you are by the countryside.

Be creative with fixtures

Some fixtures in the room like your windows can be unique. This is one of the modern designs around but nothing is stopping you from using stained glass or Moor-inspired windows.

Get that View

A glass room might not work only for lake houses. Even if you are in a condominium in a high-rise building within the city, the skyline will be everyone’s envy. Glass walls will be perfect as long as you use the right type of fixtures and furniture that complements the ambiance.

Minimalist Lifestyle

It is not a rule that you must have items hanging on the wall. A minimalist persona means you can actually keep the walls empty. Do not be tempted to put everything you think looks good on the wall and you can have a more modernistic outlook in your bedroom.

Personal Bed

This design is quite interesting which will require a lot of planning. In renovating your bedroom, cut out a space like this to place your personal bedroom and it changes everything. First, it saves space and the design is quite modern as well. Your sleep gets better too as you get to hideaway from the rest of the room.