Advice on Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Air-Conditioning is important equipment especially in Asian homes. In countries like Malaysia, you will need to install air-conditioning units because of the heat that we experience throughout the year. On certain months, the heat can be quite bearable while around the May to August months, the afternoons can be extremely warm where fans will not be sufficient in keeping the room temperature down.

If you are in the renovation process, it is most important to plan where you want to install the air-conditioning units because there are a few elements you need to consider.

First Step Planning

The first step to cooling down your home is to plan. There are a few factors that you need to decide prior to deciding what air-conditioning units to buy especially in a hot country like Malaysia.

You will need to decide where you want to place the air-conditioning units. These appliances are split-unit ones which means that there is the head unit and the compressor. The head unit will be mounted in the rooms concerned which will then be connected to the compressor unit which is usually placed outside the home. In this context, you need to decide where you will be mounting the head unit because it will determine if it will be able to cool down the room.

Most new Malaysian homes today provide a location to place all the compressor units which is away from the dwelling areas

This is because air-conditioning compressors release a lot of heat and should be channelled away from the house.

Another factor that you need to consider is cabling. Take note that cabling of air-conditioning must be done prior to renovating works because they must be hidden from sight. In most cases, the cables are laid and connected and then a layer of wall is used to cover them.

Take note that there are some air-conditioning units that come with sensors in which they have the capability to detect the room temperature and then automatically make adjustments. This type of units is very effective in helping you to save on electricity bills because they are able to consume less energy when not needed.

Popular Brands

There are many brands of air-conditioning available in the Malaysian market today. The most popular ones are the Japanese brands like Panasonic and Toshiba although the latter is not the common choices. It will be best to choose brands that are established in this industry like Daikin, Topaire and York as they are mainly air-conditioning manufacturers. Meanwhile, there are other brands like LG and Samsung, which produce designer-looking units but might not be as effective. Local brands like Pensonic is not bad in terms of price but make sure they are reliable models.